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Types of buildings:
Types of buildings:
Product storage:
Product storage:
Storage type:
Storage type:

The technology is based on the proper selection of equipment and its arrangement in a storage. Depending on the duration of crop storage, a ventilation and/or refrigeration system is used. The ventilation system is fundamental and is used for drying, curing, decreasing and maintaining the temperature of produce. A refrigeration system is used in cases of storage at high temperatures (in May, June) or when the produce temperature needs to be sharply decreased in a short period of time.

Aspiration system

The principle of ventilation arrangement.

At the abutting end inside the storage, parallel to the outer wall, a retaining wall with vertical openings is erected.

Along these openings, containers are lined up in a certain order. Two adjacent rows of containers form a long, tall passage which is covered at the top and at the opposite abutting end with a special aspiration covering.

Aspiration system

Between the outer wall and the wall with the openings, an air-preparation chamber is formed. In this chamber, at a height of 2m from the floor, a false ceiling is installed. After that, high-pressure exhaust fans are mounted into it. These fans suck the waste air from the passages through the wall openings or discharge the waste air through the intake valves outside; they can also mix the waste air with the fresh air and let it back into storage. The air temperature is regulated with special intake and emission valves.

By sucking the air from the passages between the containers, fans create depression zones at these points, from which the air from the containers flows and ventilates the produce. At the same time, the outer parts of the containers that are further from the passage get the most ventilation.

Air with the required temperature flows into the storage from above onto the containers and is removed from below through the openings in the passages. The required parameters are maintained with automatic-control, humidification and refrigeration systems.

This system provides the best microclimate for the containers located next to the mixing chamber. When the air is removed, the microclimate deteriorates.

There are several restrictions with this system:

  1. The width of the building depends on the size of the container. If the container is standard size (1200x1600x1250mm), the width of the building should be a multiple of 4m, namely - 12m, 16m, 20m, 24m.
  2. Standard storage height – 5 tiers (6m).

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