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Things to keep in mind when building a vegetable storage

10.05.2018  |  Building

Ekaterina Shmyryova
Ekaterina Shmyryova

When planning a vegetable storage project, you need take into account some facts that will impact the choice of equipment and building construction. Otherwise, missing details will lead to high losses during usage or you will spend more on its reconstruction.

The development stage is intended for analyzing the types of produce that are going to be stored, estimating the need for constructing extra buildings or rooms for each type of vegetable.

The size and layout of the storage will depend on the amount of vegetables you’re planning to keep there. The storage period of the produce determines the process and cost of construction; therefore, you need to start planning the storage period well in advance.

As a rule, the longer produce is stored, the higher its sales cost will be. An increase in storage period leads to higher risks and costs, while the mistakes made during storage construction will become more obvious.

When choosing a storage technology, make sure it corresponds with the intended purpose of the produce to be stored. Pick the type of vegetable storage well in advance, because the layout and purchase costs of containers depends on it.

The storage function determines its location. It is more convenient for agricultural producers to build storage closer to the fields in order to decrease the losses and time involved in crop transportation. Distributors find it more convenient to locate their storages closer to population centers and highways.

Consider relations with regulatory agencies. A storage design of less than 1500m2 does not require government expert review, while participating in government programs for the subsidizing of capital expenditures and equipment leasing will entail additional restrictions.

The choice of building contractor and equipment supplier depends on the factors mentioned above.

The final project budget also depends on staff sufficiency, the operating costs of the storage, construction timeframe, prospects for further development, and other factors.

For your convenience, we have created a check-list describing all of the the factors that we recommend considering when building a vegetable storage.