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Framed building

10.05.2018  |  Framed

Ekaterina Shmyryova
Ekaterina Shmyryova


  1. Depending on the technical process, there are various layout concepts to choose from.
  2. Perfect for all types of storage technologies.
  3. It is possible to design different sizes of containers.
  4. Convenient layout of storage and process rooms.
  5. Option to increase storage capacity without damaging the technical process.
  6. Convenient placement of equipment.
  7. Convenient warehousing transportation, unloading and loading.
  8. Low spread of diseases and quality-control convenience since storage sections do not interact with one other.


  1. High primary costs.
  2. Project planning is required as well as construction permission for erecting a building with an area of over 1500 m2.

Speed of construction

Low speed of construction.

Building durability

Over 50 years.


Higher than quickly-erectable frameless buildings.

Storage methods and technology

Perfect for storing any produce using any storage technologies.