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Onions. Storage parameters

17.04.2018  |  Onions

Ekaterina Shmyryova
Ekaterina Shmyryova


Capacity varies from 500 tons to 3500 tons in one room. Capacity of air supply: 200 - 250 m3/ton.


Storage temperature 0 C.


70% (low humidity)


Excess carbon dioxide must be removed.

Index: no more than 3%

Storage life

Year-round - with refrigeration equipment. Until April - with aeration system.

Parameters for putting vegetables in storage

After having been put in storage, onions should be put though four operating steps: drying (the temperature should be 2-3C higher than the produce temperature), cooling and storing. Each step corresponds with a particular mode. Onions can be stored in both bulk and container storage.