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Carbon dioxide removal system, will provide the required level of CO2 concentration without the use of active ventilation.

Photocatalytic air purification is regarded as one of the most effective, innovative and cost-efficient solutions. Cleaning of air with filters, which trap pollutants, requires on-time maintenance.

CA technology implicates the storage of apples in an environment with specific concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide (СО2). In normal air the concentration of nitrogen amounts to 78%, oxygen to 21% and СО2 to 0.03%

From crop harvesting to sale. berries undergo various changes and captivate useful substances during growth and lose them during storage.

In the mobile cooling chamber, manufactured by A-berry cube, everything is tailored for storage of berries within 1 to 3 weeks, which allows for their long distance transportation without loss in weight and quality.

Forced afterripening of bananas takes place in aeration chambers and is stimulated by ethylene gas, which is liberated by bananas and some other fruits. Ethylene accelerates the ripening process, during which the carbohydrates, contained in the fruit flesh, are converted into sugar, chlorophyll in the skin is destroyed and yellow carotene shows up.

The Agrovent Elpida one technology offers reduction of economic losses in your vegetable / fruit storage up to 90%. Compared to the ozone treatment methods, the air cleaner can operate day and night without causing any harm to people in the room. 

The technology is based on the proper selection of equipment and its arrangement in a storage.

The slotted-wall storage technique is used only for the container storage of vegetables and is one of today’s most effective technologies.

This storage technology is one of the most advanced found on today’s market.

Dragon technology creates the necessary conditions for the long-term storage of vegetables.

A pressure system is used only for the container storage of vegetables and is one of today’s most effective systems.

Underfloor ducts provide air circulation through produce with the help of underfloor air ducts, create uniform temperature and moisture...

When using perforated air-duct technology, the ventilation system provides for air circulation through produce...

A combination ventilation system provides for air circulation through produce containers and replaces excessive levels of carbon dioxide and the other byproducts of produce respiration with the outside air.

If beets are stored in piles, it is impossible to avoid natural loss. Aside from the loss of sucrose, there is also a possibility of the loss of produce because of bacteria and mold.