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Container storage

07.05.2018  |  Container storage

Ekaterina Shmyryov
Ekaterina Shmyryov

Container storage is an advanced type of vegetable storage. It boasts a number of advantages over bulk storage. It is used for storing such cultivated crops as carrots and cabbage, as they call for special care. It is also often used for storing potatoes and onions. This type of storage is popular among companies where a critical role is played by convenient warehousing logistics and access to different sorts of vegetables during the whole period of storage.

Main advantages of container storage

  • Produce in this type of storage can be partly unloaded without changing temperature conditions
  • Low level of produce spoilage
  • Quality monitoring and timely removal of spoiled produce
  • Loading and unloading the storage is fast and convenient
  • Electric lift trucks help quickly deliver the produce to a pre-sale preparation area
  • Ensures the best safekeeping of crops
  • All process technologies are power-operated in container storage

The main disadvantage of container storage is its price.

In Russian weather conditions, container storage with an artificially-created climate is currently the best way to store certain vegetables (such as carrots, all sorts of cabbage) for a longer period of time. This is because only this method can help maintain highly-stable temperature, moisture and air-exchange levels that minimize produce losses.