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Secrets of modern vegetable stores

26.04.2021  |  vegetable storage




To provide the population with food, it is not enough just to produce agricultural products. An important stage that separates the crop from the store shelf is the storage of products, as well as high-quality processing and timely delivery to the population.

The agrarian sector in Russia is developing at a tremendous pace, especially the plant growing and vegetable production sectors. But all grown products cannot be sold immediately “from the field”; they need to be stored somewhere. Statistics say that today more than 10 million tons of products are produced in the Russian Federation, and there are still fewer vegetable stores in the country than by 7 million tons. In addition, most of the storage facilities require reconstruction and modernization, because neglect of modern technologies for storing vegetable products can lead to losses of 50% of the crop and more.

The modernization of the plant growing industry is taking place gradually: within a year, new complexes for storing vegetables with a total capacity of 200 thousand tons are being built in the Russian Federation. The main deterrent to growth is the rather large financial investments that are required for the construction of new modern vegetable stores. For most owners, starting the modernization or construction of a new vegetable store is a luxury that is untimely to the crisis and post-covid situation.

Types of vegetable stores

Hangar vegetable stores are usually used for bulk storage. Their construction takes a little time. For insulation, a special spraying of polyurethane materials is used, but due to poor thermal insulation, difficulties arise with the installation of microclimate equipment. Because of this, long-term storage in such vegetable stores is almost impossible, only temporary.

Frame vegetable stores provide a wider range of possibilities, for example, the organization of sections with individual climatic parameters for each type of product, because each vegetable has its own storage nuances (you can read about them here: beets, onions, carrots). In such premises, it is possible to use special equipment: conveyors, conveyor belts for washing or packing, automation systems, etc. The disadvantages of this type of vegetable store are low resistance to large amounts of precipitation (especially snow) and wind.

Frame vegetable stores can be additionally insulated, then they will not be afraid of any weather adversity. For insulation, sandwich panels with an individually selected thickness are usually used.

The main purpose of the vegetable store is to significantly extend the dormant period of vegetables during storage. In the vegetable store, certain microclimatic conditions must be maintained, corresponding to the type of vegetable that is being stored. The microclimate system in the vegetable store allows you to reduce the loss of moisture and nutrients in the product, reduce the intensity of respiration and metabolism, as well as the risks of the formation of rot and harmful microflora due to high humidity in the store.

Bulk storage is considered the least costly method, and the most efficient for beets, potatoes and onions. The microclimate in such vegetable stores is maintained with the help of an air preparation chamber, it is into it that fresh air is supplied with subsequent correction of its temperature and humidity. Heaters and coolers, recirculation valves and humidifiers help with this.

Further, based on the method of supplying new prepared air to the very place of storing vegetables, two subspecies are distinguished: the bulk type of storage with underfloor ducts and the bulk type of storage with perforated air ducts.

The container storage method is more costly, but it has many advantages: it guarantees the long-term keeping quality of vegetables, makes it possible to control the quality of fruits and immediately remove vegetables that have deteriorated. In addition, it is possible to set up a more comfortable loading, unloading of products due to the mechanization of many technical processes, as well as to store different types and varieties in one place or one chamber, unloading the required goods without disturbing the required temperature.

Agrovent offers several storage technologies in containers:

  • Aspiration (suction) system. The ventilation system ensures the movement of fresh air through the fruits, which are in a stack of containers covered with a sealing mat, as well as the removal of exhaust air. The main difference from other systems is the use of ventilation with suction elements, rather than air injection.
  • The slotted wall provides forced air circulation through the products in the containers by creating an air pressure in the containers installed close to the wall with the holes for the forklift forks.
  • Pressure wall. A “corridor” of containers is organized, where prepared air of the required temperature and humidity is pumped through the holes in the wall. In order to force the air to pass through the containers, self-priming air pipes - "airbags" are installed in the upper and opposite end of the corridor.
  • EveryAir is an advanced pressure wall. This technology creates forced air circulation through the fruits in containers due to the pressure of fans in a specially organized stack of containers, which are hermetically sealed with inflatable sleeves.
  • Dragon-M is installed in small rooms, because ventilation is passive, and air is distributed randomly over the surface of the container. Does not require additional building installations, for example, mixing chambers. It is only necessary to install the holes for the inlet and outlet valves. Outside air enters the chamber through the inlet valve, mixes in, exits through the air ducts, is distributed randomly throughout the chamber, and exits through the exhaust valves.

In our approach to working on projects, we focus not only on the technological equipment of your facility with modern equipment, but also on the development of individual integrated solutions to create a unique microclimate in your vegetable store.

Competence and many years of experience have allowed our specialists to develop a number of technological solutions that are suitable for various types of crop production. We develop a unique design concept for the future vegetable store, design it and can build it, equipping it with the necessary equipment. It all depends on your goals and wishes.

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