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Types of buildings:
Types of buildings:
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Product storage:
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The system of carbon dioxide (CO2) removal will ensure the necessary level of CO2 concentration in the storage chamber and the room of the mushroom farm, will avoid spoilage of products due to its high concentration, without the use of active ventilation.

CO2 removal system

The chemical composition of fruit and vegetable products, enzymes and microorganisms all cause certain changes in your harvest that can lead to a decrease in quality during storage.   

Fruits, vegetables and fungi have a natural immunity, it is manifested in resistance to diseases and the influence of phytopathogenic bacteria, increasing the bedding of the product.  

An important aspect of long-term storage of vegetables and mushroom cultivation, which affects the relationship between the harvest and the environment for its storage - breathing. During storage, vegetables, fruits and mushrooms breathe by absorbing oxygen from the air, releasing heat and carbon dioxide. 

Breathing (gas exchange) - the process by which fruits and vegetables maintain their "alive", fresh state. 

Gas exchange increases natural immunity and prevents damage to crops. Carbon dioxide inhibits the activity of enzymes and the proliferation of microorganisms, inhibits the ripening of products. In turn, the increased content of carbon dioxide in the storage chamber is unacceptable, as it can lead to the loss of natural immunity and tissue dying out in fruits and vegetables. 

In order to maintain the necessary ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the vegetable storage and mushroom farm premises, it is recommended to use special systems. For this purpose, we have developed a new CO2 removal system. 

Using the system of carbon dioxide removal from Agrovet will make it possible to establish and maintain the required concentration of carbon dioxide in the storage and mushroom farm.  

A tangible advantage of our system is its energy efficiency. Air intake is carried out at the lower point of the chamber and is removed outside the chamber. Automatic controllers will switch the system on after reaching dangerous concentrations of CO2 without using active ventilation. 

With Agrovent's CO2 removal system, not only will you prevent damage to your products, but you will also avoid additional energy costs.

Completed projects

Project completed: 2014
more Region: 284th km of the M-5 Ural Highway, Shilovskiy District, Ryazan Region
Client: Agricultural Holding Company “Shilovskiy”

Project completed: 2015
more Region: Sovkhoz Lenina, Moscow Region
Client: “Sovkhoz Lenina” Farming Company

Storage Technology

This storage technology is one of the most advanced found on today’s market.

The technology is based on the proper selection of equipment and its arrangement in a storage.

If beets are stored in piles, it is impossible to avoid natural loss. Aside from the loss of sucrose, there is also a possibility of the loss of produce because of bacteria and mold.