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# Case: How to save "Innovator" sort French fries

15.08.2019  |  Potatoes


Potatoes are one of the most common and important agricultural crops. It is this product, we have carefully developed storage technology and want to share it with the example of the "Belaya Dacha Farming".
"Belaya Dacha launched the production of Innovator sort French fries in accordance with all technical specifications and standards at the beginning of 2018 in the Lipetsk region. And now it is the main supplier of potatoes to McDonald's. We, in turn, have worked hard to create all the conditions for storage, let's look at them in more detail.

Terms and conditions:

Useful storage capacity: 20 x 30 x 4.5 m = 2700 m3.

In 1 m3 of volume - 0,650 tons of potatoes.

Storage weight: 2700 m3 x 0.65т\м3 = 1,755 tons

Storage Technology

Storage method: bulk

Bulk resistance: 150 Pa

Ventilation capacity: 120 m3 /h

Product storage temperature: + 6-8°C

Air humidity in storage: 92-95%

CO2 concentration: 2500 - 3000 ppm

Required cooling capacity: 100 Wt/t

It is important to ensure a constant temperature, good ventilation and the right

level of humidity in the room, as this is the only way to preserve the taste and

nutrients of the potatoes.

System components:


Ventilation required per tonne of product per hour: 120 m3 /h

Total air exchange: 120 m3/t/h x 1,755 tons = 210,600 m3/h

Number of fans: 210 600 m3/h /6 (number of fans) = 35 100 m3/h at 150 Pa

In the project we used fans of different diameters and capacities: 800, 900,

1000 mm, and installed EC motors contributed to the efficient use of electricity.


The air flow rate through the inlets  must not exceed 6 m/s to create an

optimum condition.

Calculation of the required inlet area:

S (total inlet valve area) = V (total air volume) / 6 m/s (required speed) /3600

(number of seconds per hour) = 210 600 m3/h / 6 m/s / 3600 s = 9.75 m2

To avoid freezing of the inlet, we used an aluminum frame with a thermal insert

and a non-combustible PIR insulator. In case of malfunctions, a system of

safety switches is provided.

Ventilation ducts and slots

Floor and underground channels were used in the project.

Advantages of underground channels

Savings in useful volume +7%

Easy to bookmark and retrieve

Reducing the number of injuries

Optimal air inlet velocity is 6-8m/s, and through the ventilation slots is 3.5-4 m/


Humidification system

In order to ensure that the air humidity required for storage is maintained, the system is installed along the entire length of the ventilation chamber under the fans. Depending on the demand, the air from the fans can flow through the humidifier or directly from the ducts.

Advantages: No droplets during humidification, i.e. no moist product and no additional damage ability to humidify the supply air adiabatic cooling

Air purifier

The air purifier extends the shelf life by removing ethylene and other contaminants through photo-oxidation and UV radiation.


Decomposition of organic compounds on H2O and CO, destruction of fungi and bacteria in the air 

Removal of odor in the vault

Sterile air purity with the possibility of people working indoors

CO2 control and disposal

An increased CO2 level will impair the appearance and quality of the product and cause brown spots when frying. The CO2 control system allows the removal of excess concentrations without opening the main ventilation valves.

Refrigeration equipment

When the temperature is kept below normal, the sugar content of the potatoes increases and, as in the case of CO2, contributes to the appearance of dark spots. It is important to treat potatoes at a temperature of +12° - +18° C.To ensure comfortable temperature conditions, we used special refrigerants of vegetable series - glycol and freon cooling schemes.

Monitoring system

The system includes sensors for monitoring and analysis of information, as well as a remote access system. They can be used to monitor the climate, product status, shrinkage, monitor and control the system from anywhere in the world