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Turnkey microclimate system for three poultry farm buildings with 54,000 broiler heads

Kazakhstan  |   Poultry farm

We are expanding our presence! Now in Kazakhstan, there is a poultry farm equipped with a microclimate system, as well as lighting, feeding, and watering systems from Agrovent. Each poultry farm building is designed to accommodate 18,000 heads of broilers of the Cobb 500 breed (total of three buildings, with a total headcount of 54,000). The project has been fully implemented by Agrovent specialists on a turnkey basis.

The housing conditions for the birds are maximally close to natural, taking into account all the peculiarities of the arid climate of Kazakhstan, and all life support processes on the farm are carried out automatically without human intervention.

Technical Solution:
For the summer period, tunnel ventilation is provided, which is carried out using AGR-1200 fans and KPR supply valves. To combat heat stress on the poultry farm, an air fogging system is installed. The 0.2 nozzles provide fine dust, which evaporates in the air, cooling the birds without reaching the litter.

For the winter period, the poultry farm is equipped with a heating system using GA-N direct heating heaters, and a minimum ventilation system is installed, which includes VBV-800 exhaust ventilation shafts and ZVN-1500 supply vents.

Control and monitoring of the microclimate parameters are carried out using Stienen automation system. To maintain comfortable housing conditions, an automatic watering, feeding, and lighting system is installed.