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Turkey rearing units for 20,000 heads for the Zerno-Resurs facility.

Stavropol territory  |   Zerno-Resurs

In March of this year, two new turkey rearing units were put into operation in Novoalexandrovsk. On March 19th, the facility welcomed its new residents.

The construction of the facility began in June 2019. Prior to that, we had already set up two poultry growing units, but in order to increase production volume, it was decided to build two additional units and increase the simultaneous capacity to 20,000 heads. This poultry farm project was fully implemented turnkey by Agrovent specialists.

One of the challenges in building the facility was the significant slope of the land. The elevation difference from the beginning to the end of the units was 2.5 meters. Therefore, preparatory work was done to level the site before installation. The construction itself was completed in December 2019, and all the necessary equipment and utilities were installed during January-February 2020.

The first batch of young birds consisted of 23,000 heads. The chicks stay on the premises for 35 days and are kept for over 3.5 months until they reach the desired weight for slaughter. The conditions for bird keeping are as close to natural as possible, with a stocking density not exceeding 4.5 birds per square meter. All processes to maintain vital functions on the farm are automated without human intervention.

Technological solution:
For the winter period, minimal ventilation is provided using VBV-710 exhaust shafts and ZVN-3000 inlet vents. There is a system of high-pressure air humidification (AMS) with an 8-liter/min capacity pump produced by Agrovent.

Heating is provided by direct heating GA-N heaters. The gas supply pressure in the main distribution is regulated with the help of filter regulators.

For the summer period, tunnel ventilation is provided with AGR-1200 fans and KPR-1380 inlet valves. The PAD Cooling system is implemented for air temperature reduction by 8-10 degrees.

The Stienen automation system ensures optimal microclimate without human intervention. It can operate based on pressure, ensuring optimal air distribution during cold periods. The feeding and watering systems are fully automated. There is a feed weighing and water consumption measurement system, allowing staff to promptly assess key poultry growth indicators.