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Turnkey microclimate system for 20 poultry farm buildings housing 22,500 ducks

Novosibirsk region  |   Ulybino

"Ulybino" is the first large-scale duck meat production enterprise beyond the Ural Mountains. This unique project combines Siberian duck farming traditions with innovative technological solutions. Back in the Soviet era, the Iskitimsky District, where the village of Ulybino is located, was one of the leaders in poultry meat production in the region, with three duck factories. They were led by the best managers, including the first Heroes of Socialist Labor in the poultry industry.

25 years ago, young entrepreneurs continued their achievements by establishing the "32 Zernoprodukt" plant in 1995, which produces mineral feed and vitamin-mineral premixes. This was the first step in forming an agro-industrial complex that eventually included the VEGA feed mill, a grain elevator capable of storing 100,000 tons, and the Iskitimskie Korma Trading House.

This comprehensive feed base laid the foundation for the production of nutritious and environmentally friendly duck meat. The logical continuation of this production chain was the construction of a large-scale duck farm with a powerful scientific and technological potential.

In 2019, the Ulybino Poultry Factory, with a planned capacity of 18,000 tons of duck meat per year, started its operations. Spread over an area of 400 hectares, dozens of production buildings were constructed, including breeding facilities, an incubator, poultry houses, a slaughter and processing workshop, featuring advanced achievements in global poultry farming practices. The scale of the enterprise allows for serious discussion about the possibility of supplying duck products to any region in Russia. This includes deep-frozen products as well as chilled duck meat semi-finished products, which were previously not widely represented in Russian retail chains but now have every chance of securing a worthy place in the hearts of consumers. Thus, the development of the Ulybino project aligns with key national priorities, including ensuring food security in the country.

The strategic potential of the Ulybino Poultry Factory opens up brilliant prospects, not only in the Russian market but also on the international stage. These ambitious goals are reflected in the mission followed by the management and employees of the enterprise: "The health of animals is the health of humanity!"

Technological Solution

AgroVent was involved in the design, production, and equipment installation of 20 buildings for duck fattening using a modern microclimate system. Each building houses 22,500 STAR 53 breed ducks. The project was launched in 2020, and the completion of the third phase is planned for 2021.

A comprehensive equipment installation was carried out in the poultry houses, including the following microclimate elements:

- Feeding and drinking systems.
- Ventilation system.
- Automation system.
- Heating.
- Lighting.
- Slatted floors.
- Hydraulic scraper manure removal system.

Unique slatted floors with a plasticized coating were used for housing the parent flock and replacement young stock. This type of coating is easy to clean from bird droppings, thus ensuring excellent sanitary conditions in the poultry house.