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Pumpkins. Storage parameters

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Екатерина Шмырёва
Екатерина Шмырёва

Produce preparation for long-term storage Long-term storage is possible if the pumpkins were grown in unirrigated areas.


It is recommended to keep pumpkins in a single container with a capacity of up to 1500 tons. Volume of fresh-air supply: 120 m³/h/t.


Storage temperature from +10 to +14 C.


Менее 50%


< 50%

СО 2

Excess carbon dioxide must be removed. CO2 index: no more than 5%

Storage life

Can be stored for over six months with refrigeration equipment.

Parameters for putting vegetables in storage

Produce without physical damage is suitable for long-term storage. Pumpkins are usually stored in containers (1600х1200х1200mm). bulk storage is also an option.