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Arched frameless buildings

10.05.2018  |  Arched

Ekaterina Shmyryova
Ekaterina Shmyryova


  1. Low price (unlike framed buildings).
  2. Fast building erection.
  3. Thanks to its size, it’s perfect for bulk storage.


  1. Max. width of building - 24 m
  2. Inefficient land use as the distance between two hangars should not be less than 6 m in order to avoid snow accumulation.
  3. Inefficient use of storage capacity under container storage.
  4. Inefficient use of space under container storage.

Speed of construction

High speed of erection.

Building durability

Over 50 years.


30-40% less than the cost of a framed building.

Storage methods and technology

Perfect for bulk storage. Can be used for container storage.