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Ventilation and refrigeration equipment for a potato storage (intended for 3000 tons)

Bogoslovka Village, Penza District, Penza Region  |   “Razdolye” Farming

Sergey Matskevich
Sergey Matskevich

project manager


The development of a storage system for potatoes and vegetable cultures for the Razdolye logistics center with a capacity of 3000 tons.


“Razdolye” Farming Company LLC produces vegetables and sells them within the scope of a regional retail chain.


To develop a system for the long-term bulk storage of potatoes.

To develop a system for the long-term container storage of vegetables.

Distinguishing features

  • To preserve the produce until June.
  • To maximize the marketability of the produce.


In the potato bulk-storage sections, a perforated air-circuit system was used.

To develop a system for the long-term container storage of vegetables using the “Dragon” passive-ventilation system and remote air coolers.

All of the sections are connected via an integrated automated-control and microclimate-maintenance system.

Distinguishing features

Operational stages:

  • Project development
  • Purchase of equipment and materials
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Start-up and adjustments

Design engineers and the construction department were in charge of the project, as well as company specialists in the area of ventilation and cooling equipment.