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Ventilation and refrigeration equipment for a carrot storage (intended for 2 000 tons)

Lipetsk Region  |   “Magnit”

Sergey Matskevich
Sergey Matskevich

project manager


The development of a microclimate system for carrot container storage in a frameless building with a capacity of 2000 tons.


“Magnit” is the largest retailer In Russia.


To develop a system for the long-term storage of carrots in two sections until May.

To launch the vegetable-storage microclimate system in two months.

Because all of the containers were different sizes, it was impossible to achieve the right distance between the rows, which in turn has an impact on airflow.


The use of Dragon technology with a built-in air cooler reduced the time of installation work and saved the useful area of the storage room.

The high-pressure humidification system with heated jets allows the system to work at freezing temperatures.

Thanks to the professionally-designed compressor compartment, power equipment and humidifiers were located in the same room.

Two storage sections with centralized automatic control of the ventilation, mechanical refrigeration and humidification systems, with the option of combining all controllers into a single network.

Distinguishing features 

Operational stages:

  • Project development
  • Purchase of equipment and materials
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Start-up and adjustment operations

Design engineers and the construction department were in charge of the project, as well as company specialists in the area of ventilation and cooling equipment.

The equipment-installation work was completed at the same time as building construction.

Our cooperation is ongoing. In 2018, two sections with a capacity of 1000 tons each will be implemented.