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The aeration system for beet piles consists of

30.04.2018  |  Beets

Ekaterina Shmyryova
Ekaterina Shmyryova
  1. Air ducts made from spiral tubing, 2.5mm in thickness, rib stiffeners and perforation holes, which can support steadiness while loading in piles with a height of 9m. The air ducts consist of individual elements. The length of each element is 3m and the diameter is 710mm. They are connected with nipples of the same diameter. The main advantage of using perforated air ducts is their flexibility in making pipes of different widths and lengths, which allows for their use in facilities of virtually any size. Ease of installation makes the system portable so that it can be used in any location. 

  2. High-pressure fans allow the air to flow through the duct system and the crops that are put in storage. A necessary requirement for storing beets is a sufficient amount of air flowing through the vent. Only artificial ventilation can provide this. The fan can be used in a mild climate at a temperature of -40 C to +40 C. These fans are used in the open air; therefore, it is important to have a special platform for installation.
  3. 1. Automation systems for beet-pile ventilation, which can be used in both manual and automatic modes. Only a power shield is used in manual mode. It consists of a row of automatic devices and slow-starters for the slow start of fans. The protection level of shields is IP 54. Because they are installed outside, it is important to to maintain a temperature of over 0 C for the correct functioning of the equipment. A fan heater and thermostatic regulator are used for this purpose. They help to maintain temperature at +5 to +15 C. If the automatic mode is used for controlling beet-pile ventilation, a controller should also be installed on the power shield. The controller makes it possible to collect data about storage conditions with the help of different devices, as well as to control actuating mechanisms in accordance with the stored program maintaining the microclimate set-up parameters (temperature, air exchange, humidity). There is also a setup for a warning signal. The operator sets the limits for the different parameters of a pile such as temperature and humidity, while the controller maintains these conditions. The parameters of a pile can be monitored and controlled remotely, including with the use of a mobile phone.