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Mistakes storage

07.05.2018  |  Mistakes storage

Ekaterina Shmyryova
Ekaterina Shmyryova

In order to preserve the quality and properties of your produce, you need to avoid the mistakes you could encounter at every step of the process flow.


  1. Unprofessional approach to the planning of vegetable storage.

    Make sure you only consult with companies that have current experience building storage facilities, taking into account the requirements of modern vegetable-storage technologies capable of supporting the necessary logistics and production processes involved in the intake, processing and packaging of produce.

  2. Substandard quality of the produce itself at the genetic level. Low-quality seed material.

    Pick vegetable sorts carefully. Pick vegetables with good storability. The quality of future crops depends on the storage conditions of the seed material.

  3. Technologist’s mistakes during growing, collecting, drying and sorting.

    Pay attention to the experience and skills of your workers. Provide all of the necessary training in order to refine all of the processes. By completing the initial stages before being put in storage, the produce should preserve its original properties.

  4. Incorrectly putting produce in storage. The percentage of spoiled or damaged produce exceeds normal rates. Infected fruit.

    • Produce asphyxiation rates should not exceed 1-1.5%.
    • Physical damage rates should not exceed 5%.

    It is prohibited to store frost-damaged or squashed vegetables or vegetables with bacterial infections.

  5. The intended use of produce such as selling, seed stocks and processing is not properly considered.

    Microclimate parameters vary even for a single vegetable sort intended for different purposes.

  6. Bad thermal insulation of vegetable storage. 

    Condensate, which forms in a room with high thermal conduction, can get onto produce which results in its rotting. Vegetables can freeze in the winter. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose the right material and thickness of sandwich panels at the design stage.

  7. Violation of storage procedures.

    There are various storage periods whose microclimate parameters are different:

    • Curing period
    • Cooling period
    • Main period
    • Spring period
  8. Violation of air-speed balance.

    Lack of proper ventilation can lead to the rotting of produce. The optimal speed of airflow before it goes through the produce is 5-6m/sec and should be equal to 0.2m/sec on its way out. Imbalances in the simultaneous work of several fans can have a negative impact on produce. The pressure created by the installed fans should be at least 150-300 Pa. Choose high-pressure fans, as they allow for a higher quality of produce ventilation and reduce power consumption per storage ton. High-pressure fans function for a shorter period of time while supporting the necessary ventilation.

  9. Violation of storage technology.

    Lack of automated control leads to the inaccurate tracking of temperature and humidity parameters and the untimely launching of manual systems, which in turn risks high produce losses due to the violation of storage technology.

  10. Lack/incorrect usage of refrigeration system.

    In order to maximize profits, producers sometimes sell their vegetables at the end of the season. In order to make this possible, the vegetable storage must be equipped with a refrigeration system.