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Ventilation and refrigeration equipment for a carrot storage (intended for 1200 tons)

3 Tsentralnaya St., Industriya Village, Kolomensky District, Moscow Region  |   “Severka” CJSC

Sergey Matskevich
Sergey Matskevich

project manager


To offer a solution for the long-term storage of carrots in a frameless building with a capacity of 1200 tons.


“Severka” CJSC is part of “Malino” Group.


To create a microclimate for the long-term container storage of carrots using only a mechanical refrigerating system.

Tight turnaround time: Eight weeks for project implementation.

Distinguishing features

To offer a system for the long-term storage of carrots without humidification, including a carbon-dioxide removal system.


Based on the recommendations of our specialists, a high-capacity refrigeration system was used in one of the carrot storages. We deployed air coolers with a central refrigeration station based on two compressors.

Distinguishing features

Operational stages:

  • Project development
  • Purchase of equipment and materials
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Start-up and adjustment operations
  • Project launch

Design engineers, the construction department and Agrovent specialists in the area of refrigeration equipment worked on the project.

5.2. Agrovent has implemented a number of other projects for “Malino” Group - cooperation is ongoing.