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Ventilation and cooling system for two complexes of a 4100 cow

Kaliningrad region  |   Zalesie

Alex Beregnoy

project manager

Reducing milk yield losses caused by heat stress on dairy herds at 3 locations of a dairy farm:

- 3,900-head dairy herd - Kashstanovka
- 2,900-head dairy herd - Malinovka
- 2,900-head dairy herd - Novovysokovskaya

The project with individually selected ventilation systems with regulation for each barn consisted of several stages:

1. Stage of work: design, production, and installation of ventilation systems with adjustable AGR-130 booster fans controlled by sensor-based automation system.

2. Stage of work: planned installation of cooling systems with nozzles, providing additional reduction of air temperature in the barn.

The booster ventilation creates a directed airflow that removes excess heat from the cows' skin surface. The ability to adjust the ventilation system's power allows for flexible adjustment of the microclimate parameters in the farm's buildings. The elements of the microclimate system are controlled by an automation system.