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Advantages of photocatalytic air purifiers

Photocatalytic air purification is regarded as one of the most effective, innovative and cost-efficient solutions. Cleaning of air with filters, which trap pollutants, requires on-time maintenance. Filters need regular cleaning, since otherwise they also become the source of contamination during long-term operation. Photocatalytic air purifiers lack this demerit, as they do not hold the trapped contaminants inside.

Photocatalysis is the process of forcing chemical reactions using a photocatalyst and light. Normally titanium dioxide acts as a photocatalyst, which by absorbing quanta of light oxidizes and destroys the adsorbed contaminants. At the outlet, instead of organic and inorganic pollutants, we get harmless desorbed elements (water, carbon dioxide gas etc.). 
Light-transmitting porous glass acts as a filter, on which the said photocatalyst is applied. Porous glass perfectly absorbs titanium dioxide, ensuring trapping of pollutants and effective air purification.

Advantages of photocatalytic air purifiers

  • In contrast to classic purification techniques, based on filtration, photocatalytic air purifiers are capable of trapping even the finest gaseous particles (up to 0.001 um).

  • Conventional filters consume a lot of power to push the air through a fine-mesh filter. In case of a photocatalytic air purifier this is not required, due to which power consumption is substantially reduced.

  • Low-power pump has low noise level.

  • It eliminates high maintenance costs, since the UV lamp replacement is needed only once in three years.

Fruit storage

  • Fruit are very sensitive to ethylene. Affected by ethylene, a fruit acquires a bitterish taste, its skin grows dark and the fruit itself grows soft.

  • Fruit storage life increases by 40-50% due to reduction of impact of pathogene microbes and viruses, against which conventional filters are impotent.

  • Reduction of the volume of poor-quality products, their recall and the costs therewith.

  • Effectively destroys mushroom spores and prevents mold formation.

Effective cleaning of air with AGROVENT ÉLPIDA ONE

We implemented all advantages of the technology in our photocatalytic air purifier – Agrovent Elpida one. It is designed to improve air quality and create a comfortable environment for fruit storage. It can be used continuously without the risk of doing any harm to people. It protects the products against viruses, fungi and microbes. Experience has proven that with the use of the purifier the total bacterial count (TBC) drops down by 29 times and development and distribution of a pathogenic flora is stopped.


  • Effective air purification in fruit storerooms, removal of low-molecular volatile compounds from the indoor air.

  • Elpida One does not require frequent seasonal maintenance and the UV lamp replacement.

  • It is safe for people around and does not emit repugnant substances.