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Why broiler business is a good business idea?

05.02.2024  |  Poultry farm

What needs to be followed in order for a business with broiler chickens to be profitable. We provide data for calculating a business plan.

Raising poultry for egg and meat production is a common activity for rural residents. It is believed that products grown in one's own backyard "without any chemicals" have a tender taste, are environmentally friendly, and hypoallergenic. Raising broiler chickens is one of the most commercially successful business projects, bringing its owner high income.


Features of broiler meat production

Modern broiler crosses have been specifically developed for rapid meat production in industrial poultry farms.

Characteristics of this poultry:
  • rapid weight gain,
  • high feed conversion ratio,
  • low activity.

In just six weeks of raising broilers, they reach a slaughter weight of 2.2-2.7 kg, consuming about 4-5 kg of feed for this. Long-term broiler rearing (more than 7 weeks) is often unprofitable due to high feed costs per kilogram of meat production and a decrease in bird growth rates. Thus, if there is one building for broilers, it's possible to carry out 6-7 fattening cycles during a calendar year.
Due to the rapid weight gain, broilers are prone to a number of health problems, mainly cardiovascular and musculoskeletal issues. These birds are sensitive to any stressful factors. Therefore, it is important to provide them with comfortable conditions throughout the entire period: sufficient ventilation, free access to feed and water, optimal temperature, and humidity. This can be achieved by equipping the poultry farm with modern technological systems.

Why raising broilers for meat is a good business idea?

The commercial attractiveness of the business idea of breeding broilers for meat is influenced by the following factors:
  • no complex knowledge is required for keeping broilers, even beginners can successfully run this business. All technological processes are detailed and readily available;
  • short growing period of chicks (compared to pigs, cattle);
  • the business can be started with a relatively small initial capital. You can start with small volumes and gradually expand production;
  • broilers take up little space, so even on a relatively small plot of land, you can raise a lot of poultry;
  • chicken meat is the most consumed meat in the world, and broiler fillets have high demand and value in the market;
  • a good way to provide your family with tasty and nutritious meat, ensuring food security.
  • high profitability;
  • good return on investment;
  • short payback period of funds.

To start a broiler farming business, you need to pay attention to a few key aspects:

Rule #1: Quality feed for successful broiler farming
It is essential not to economize on feed quality when raising broilers for meat. Broilers need to receive adequate amounts of all essential nutrients, including proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, in their feed for efficient growth. Using complete feed produced at specialized plants with professional equipment is crucial. If a farmer chooses to feed their birds with homemade feed, they should expect slower growth rates and higher costs compared to using commercial feed.

Rule #2: Purchasing quality chicks
The quality of day-old chicks plays a significant role in the success of broiler farming. It is recommended to buy chicks from reputable hatcheries or breeding farms. Purchasing chicks from such sources reduces the risk of introducing infections into the farm and ensures that the chicks have received primary vaccinations. Checking feedback from experienced colleagues about the hatchery is also important before starting a partnership.

Rule #3: Providing comfortable conditions for better results
Broilers are highly sensitive to their environment. To create a comfortable environment, automatic equipment for climate control, feeding, and watering should be installed in the poultry house. Although investing in high levels of automation initially requires additional capital, it reduces labor costs and production risks in the long run, leading to higher profits.

The most critical system in a poultry house is the climate control system. Achieving high performance is impossible without maintaining an optimal microclimate for the broilers. Even a brief malfunction in the ventilation system can lead to mass bird mortality, especially during hot weather. Risks associated with poor ventilation increase as the birds age. The most significant losses due to improper ventilation typically occur towards the end of the rearing period, resulting in substantial losses for the farmer.

Since outdoor climatic conditions can change sharply during the day (cold night/hot day), it is necessary for the microclimate system to constantly adapt to them. To achieve this, a microclimate computer (controller) is installed, which controls the climate parameters in the building according to a set technological program, coordinates the operation of equipment. If it gets hot, there is no need for a person to be inside the poultry house to open additional vents and turn on fans, the controller will independently (based on the entered settings) increase the performance of intake and exhaust devices.

Rule #4: Feed and water - always near the beak
For the growth of broilers, it is important that the birds have constant access to feed at all times. Automatic feed distribution systems are installed for this purpose. As the end feed trough empties, the feed dispenser will automatically start, filling each feeder with feed.

It is very important to provide birds with clean and fresh water. Birds drink a lot, especially in hot periods. Feed and water consumption are closely correlated. Even small restrictions in water consumption can lead to a decrease in growth rates. By installing an automatic drinking line in the poultry house, you can be sure that the birds are getting an adequate amount of water.

Established sales - the key to the success of a broiler business
Before starting a broiler fattening business, it is important to work out the issue of product sales. The most common mistake made by novice farmers is neglecting sales issues. Small-scale broiler meat producers often prioritize broiler management, paying little or no attention to finding potential buyers. Broilers grow very quickly, so after 42 days, such farmers will inevitably find themselves in a difficult position, unable to efficiently organize the sale of their products. However, broiler chicken meat is a highly sought-after product. As many experts note, the demand for poultry meat products will only increase in the future, so every producer (even the smallest) will be able to find and occupy a niche in this market.

Great attention should also be paid to marketing the products. There are now a huge number of opportunities for product promotion. These may include direct contacts with direct customers (schools, restaurants, small stores, wholesale buyers, etc.), as well as advertising the products, for example, using social networks.
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  • automatic drinking lines,
  • ventilation and heating systems operating in automatic mode,
  • climate control.
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