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Refrigeration equipment for vegetables storage

30.06.2020  |  Potatoes

Kate Shmyreva

Compliance with the technology of long-term storage of vegetables directly affects further profits, because in the absence of a microclimate system, yield losses by the end of the storage period can be up to 60%.  Think about these figures. 
The owner of the business invests his own resources in the construction of vegetable storage, cultivation of vegetables and their cleaning, provides working conditions for staff and after the journey can lose more than half of its profits if the microclimate system in the vegetable storage will be absent or work incorrectly.

How does product cooling affect profit?

Consistent and instant cooling of the product by means of refrigeration equipment, directly affects the storage time of vegetables. For example, crops such as carrots and cabbage need to be rapidly cooled and kept low throughout the storage period.

The process of breathing of plant products, which occurs during prolonged storage changes the composition of air in the vegetable storage, thereby affecting the parameters of bedding and preservation of the trade dress and useful properties of the product. In order to reduce the breathing intensity of fruits and vegetables, special refrigeration systems are used, which will be discussed in this material.

What cooling solutions do we offer for vegetable storage facilities?

Depending on the configuration of the vegetable storage facility, its location and design features, we can offer several technological solutions for air cooling at your facility:

  • Compressor stations;

  • Heat exchanging equipment;

  • "Dragon-M" (refrigeration unit).

Refrigerating compressor stations Agrovent. Refrigeration compressor stations are selected individually according to the specifics of the project and the technical specification of the customer.

Холодильные компрессорные станции Агровент

We use Bitzer rotary screw compressors with a boiling pressure maintenance system for low-temperature operation. The compressor is used to apply pressure to the system through which the refrigerant moves and promotes temperature rise on the coil in the outdoor unit. One of the advantages of a multi-compressor refrigeration station is smooth adjustment of the system power depending on the actual heat load.

Heat-exchange equipment Agrovent. Air-cooler - (Guntner industrial series) is used to remove heat from the storage chamber into the environment or for freezing the product.


Air Condenser - is a system of copper tubes through which the refrigerant circulates at high pressure.

The air cooler is mounted to the ceiling or to the storage wall, the condenser is installed on the outside of the building in a single enclosure. Modern systems have low noise levels, high factory availability. All elements are made in a metal case with a special powder coating and are not exposed to the negative impact of the external environment, designed for work from -30 to +30C.

"Dragon-M" - refrigerating unit "Dragon-M" allows to ventilate and cool the product with external air due to natural cold without using refrigerators. 

Установка Dragon-M

The plant components are carefully matched to each other in terms of power, performance and power consumption. The use of cold outside air and a cooling system will ensure long-term, high-quality crop storage with minimal energy costs. Simple control of the Dragon-M unit with the adapted ORION controller allows to maintain the required air parameters in automatic mode.

Automatics for refrigeration equipment. Automation of the cooling system provides protection from dangerous operating modes, maintenance of set parameters, modes and control of the main links of the plants. The level of automation of the plants allows to operate them in automatic mode without constant presence of the maintenance personnel.

Автоматика для холодильного оборудования

Automation of cooling systems provides protection from dangerous operating conditions and maintenance of set parameters. In our projects, the following automation options are used:

The "ORION" controller is suitable for all types of storage and storage methods. Software and technology complex "ORION" of the company "Agrovent" is a modern system of control and management of the technological process of storage in a vegetable warehouse.

Controller Croptimiz-r of Dutch company Mooij Agro with remote dispatching system.

Carbon dioxide control sensors - allow you not only to monitor the performance of carbon dioxide, the set parameters of which are necessary for the safety of the product, but also not to use the ventilation system without the need, which reduces energy costs.

Refrigeration equipment "Agrovent" is equipped with automatic boards for protection, control and monitoring of equipment. Electric control cabinets (SHU). SHU - air coolers are located on the technical floor in front of each camera. The electric boards include a voltage monitor that provides emergency shutdown in case of voltage destabilization in the network.

This system allows:

- to record the temperature in the room; 

- to register the parameters of the plant operation;

- create an archive of data about the system operation;

- to analyze and warn about emergency modes of operation;

- remotely manage operating parameters;

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