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Agritechnica, we’re coming!

26.06.2019  |  Agritechnica

Kate Shmyreva
Kate Shmyreva

Have you got a dream? 

Such dream which made you start your trip once, dream you wake up every day and makes you move ahead?

If companies could dream?

We have started in 2006,  thought a lot about our mission, our goals, we disputed about the «market positioning» and ext. But what is behind the company? People! Then what about the «agrovent people» dream? Try to make this world a lit bit better.

Taking part in Agritechnica 2019 is not only point in the list of our promotional events, this is the approach to make dreams true.After all this is one of the important and wide scale event in the Agribusiness. And can we really talk about global problems, dwelling on conditional geographic and national bounderies?

Agrovent wish to find as many as could not indifferent people from all over the world. 
We’d like to narrate about our values and ways of doing business. We’d like to share our skills  knowledges concerning environmental resources, «lean production» in Agribusiness and lean-way of doing business. 

Keep changing, trying make changing around you. See you in Hannover! Yours, Agrovent.