Microclimate equipment for a potato storage (intended for 5001 tons).

284th km of the M-5 Ural Highway, Shilovskiy District, Ryazan Region   |   Agricultural Holding Company “Shilovskiy”

Sergey Matskevich
Sergey Matskevich

project manager


A microclimate system for bulk storage (intended for 5000 tons of potatoes).


"Shilovskiy Agricultural Holding Company" LLC is one of the largest potato producers in Ryazan Region.


To offer a system for the high-volume storage of potatoes.

To complete the work within a short turnaround time.


Implementation of a storage technology featuring the use of perforated air circuits and an atomizing humidification system.

Distinguishing features 

Distinguishing features:

  • Project development
  • Purchase of equipment and materials
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Start-up and adjustment operations
  • Project launch

Design engineers and the construction department were in charge of the project, as well as company specialists in the area of ventilation and cooling equipment.

We’ve been working on the project for the past three years - three phases of the vegetable storage have already been implemented.

Bulk storage technology helped the client to preserve a high volume of potatoes.