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Perforated air ducts

Perforated galvanized ducts are widely used throughout the world due to their high efficiency in bulk storage of vegetables. First of all, the advantage is flexibility in creating ducts of different width and length, which allows their use in buildings of almost any length and width. Air ducts are made of different diameters, which provides the construction of ventilation duct with a reduced diameter from the place of installation of high-pressure fans ASP-900 to the opposite end of the bulk storage product. 

Perforation is created by means of high-precision metalworking equipment, as a result of which all holes are identical to each other, located strictly in the places specified by the project, and also prevents the "burr" on the surface of the duct, which during loading / unloading leads to damage to the adjacent layers of stored products. During gradual unloading, the ventilation duct lines of vegetable storage ducts are gradually dismantled and stacked one in one, without interfering with the loading equipment.