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ASP high pressure fans

Fans used in the construction or renovation of industrial fruit and vegetable storage facilities are one of the most important, if not the most important, points to which special attention must be paid. A sufficient amount of air is a necessary requirement for the maximum safety of the product stored in a storage facility, with air flowing almost evenly throughout the room. Observance of these conditions allows to exclude local occurrence of places with the raised content of a moisture, CO2 that leads to occurrence of centers of rotting, or on the contrary helps to exclude excessive drying of a product.

If the required air volume is correctly calculated, the fans must be able to squeeze through the duct system the entire mass of the product to be stored, and energy efficiency is a very important criterion for using certain models of fans. In terms of worldwide availability and maximum storage performance, medium pressure axial fans are the most common, ensuring continuous operation of the vegetable storage ventilation system for several seasons without additional costs and improvements. The list of products manufactured by "Agrovent" company includes a range of axial fans of ASP-560, ASP-630, ASP-710, ASP-800, ASP-920 series and a fan with centrifugal impeller of ASPD-500 and ASPD-700 series.

The fans are developed in cooperation with a European company, which is a world leader in the production of impellers for axial fans. Composite materials used in the structure of the fans allow to ensure the necessary strength of the housing and impeller, as well as to exclude exposure of the main components to corrosion.

For ease of installation ASP series fans are manufactured in two versions: square connection plate or in a round case. Precisely selected aerodynamic parameters for each fan model allow achieving maximum values in the field of energy efficiency of fans, which is an undeniable advantage in comparison with standard general industrial fans series ВО-06-300 and ВО-14-320.  

Also, when choosing ventilation equipment, special conditions of operation at high humidity and low temperatures must be taken into account.

Impeller: the impeller of fans is made with the use of high-tech composite materials, which allows achieving the highest performance in the field of aerodynamic characteristics of fans for vegetable storage.