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Compressor station

Consistent and instant cooling of the product by means of refrigeration equipment, directly affects the storage time of vegetables. For example, crops such as carrots and cabbage need to be rapidly cooled and kept low throughout the storage period. 

The problem of maintaining the quality of vegetables is important from an economic point of view. Storage losses can be quite high: 30-40% of grown crops are sometimes lost already during harvesting and transportation of the harvested crop, and in some cases by the end of storage losses reach 60%.

Agrovent compressor station - based on Bitzer compressors (Germany). It includes a receiver station, a power control panel, and the necessary protective equipment. 

 We use Bitzer screw compressors with a boiling pressure maintenance system for low-temperature operation. The compressor is used to apply pressure to the system through which the refrigerant moves and promotes temperature rise on the coil in the outdoor unit. One of the advantages of a multi-compressor refrigeration station is smooth adjustment of the system power depending on the actual heat load.