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Air cleaner Agrovent Elpida One

Principle of operation

The Elpida One air purifier is based on the photocatalytic method of air purification. Under the influence of UV rays a special substance (photocatalyst) is able to cause chemical reactions. As a result, dangerous pollutants entering the filter decompose into harmless (CO2, H20, O2, CnHm). It is important that organic air pollutants do not accumulate on the filters of the device.

The air enters the cleaner, and the harmful particles it contains get on the filter with the catalytic converter. UV rays are directed to this area and titanium dioxide activates oxidation processes on the surface. As a result of this reaction, the particles decompose into safe gases and water, for example. Water evaporates as it dries and the gas immediately - no dirt is accumulated in the cleaners.

  • Ultraviolet radiation of "A" range (wavelength over 300 nm)
  • Porous medium with photocatalyst (titanium dioxide)
  • Filtration class F9
  • Service life of UV lamps 3 years
  • UV insone-free lamps
  • The ability to work without interruption
  • Input power not more than 750W
  • Weight 32 kg
  • WHHV - 590x490x960 mm


  • The photocatalyst made of porous glass has an unlimited lifetime and promotes efficient reactions.
  • Elpida One can clean the air even from low-molecular volatiles.
  • The purifier is absolutely safe to use and does not emit or accumulate any harmful substances.
  • It does not require frequent maintenance, only minimal seasonal maintenance.