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The mobile chamber for cooling of berries A-berry cube

It is a long logistic journey for small-fruit crop from berry harvesting to sale, during which the berries may undergo various changes. During vegetation, berries accumulate useful substances, which start disappearing in case of incorrect transportation and storage. Berries possess poor resistance to the influence of phytopathogenic microorganisms, therefore the main task for preservation of the small-fruit crop is to provide cooling of the product at the earliest moment after its harvesting.

Мобильная камера для охлаждения ягоды Агровент.jpg

High air temperature causes acceleration of metabolism in a berry, as well as the loss of vitamins, organic substances and moisture. Berries become overripe and get spoiled. To avoid this effect it is necessary to start cooling of the berries within half an hour after the harvest to ensure their further storage and transportation. In order to provide a virtually instant cooling of the product, we have developed a mobile chamber for intensive cooling of berries, which may be installed directly in the field.

Now you can cool your berries right in the field, not fearing for the crop loss or deterioration.

In the mobile cooling chamber, manufactured by A-berry cube, everything is tailored for storage of berries within 1 to 3 weeks, which allows for their long distance transportation without loss in weight and quality.

 Мобильная камера для охлаждения ягоды перед погрузкой.jpg

There are two principal rules for small-fruit storage: 

1. Fast cooling of berries to a required safe temperature right after their harvest;

2. Thermal conditioning up till sales.

Intensive cooling is provided by increased rate of the intake cool air flow, which passes through the product. This method suits to all types of berries. For subsequent sale in commercial shops the berries are packed in special containers, which are laid out on racks in a chamber with air coolers.

The temperature in the mobile chamber is maintained in the range of 0...+5 °C. Refrigeration capacity of the unit is 20 kW. Power consumption in cooling mode is 13 kW, during defrosting of the cooling unit - 17 kW. Up to 700 kg of berries can be cooled down from +25 °C to +4 °C within 1 hour.

The Agrovent mobile chamber includes the following components by default:

2 air coolers, which maintain the preset temperature profile. Each air cooler has six built-in double-speed fans, which boost cooling of the product. Apart from it, the air coolers feature a larger radiation surface and a smaller height of the fans, resulting in lower weight loss, lower crusting of the product and increased usable space.

Bitzer compressor unit. The compressor is equipped with a power regulator, providing operation in two power modes: 100% and 50%.

The mobile chamber for cooling of berries is equipped with an automatic control system. Automation of the cold supply system provides protection against hazardous operation modes, maintenance of preset parameters and control of the main components of the unit. The automatic control system is based on Elewell controllers, one of which is responsible for cooling unit control and the other for air coolers control.

The chamber can be used for storage of totally different products. The system make-up in the container is tailored for each project in accordance with the customer’s requirements and terms of reference. The price starts at 1,450,000 RUB incl. VAT.